Silver Cowrie Shell Necklace
African Ancestry

Silver Cowrie Shell Necklace

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The cowrie shell was a form of currency throughout West Africa as early as the 8th century.

For a long time, it was one of many forms of currency across West Africa such as silver coins, gold dust and brass and copper rods.

By the 18th century, the cowrie had become the currency of choice along the trade routes of West Africa. It conserved its status as a means of payment, and a symbol of wealth and power, until the 20th century.

The shape of the cowrie shell represents the elegance of the female form, thus making it a symbol of fertility. Today, it is worn as a beautiful form of adornment.

“Whoever is patient with a cowrie shell will one day have thousands of them.” ~ Hausa saying

Sterling Silver cowrie shell with decorative bail and a 22" sterling chain. 


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