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How Does It Work?


Only men can test paternal ancestry.

The PatriClan Test will reveal the African country of origin and ethnic group (tribe) that you share paternal ancestry with during the past 500 - 2,000 years.* This test will not provide percentages of different regions.

Our kits include everything you need to submit your sample and we never sell or share your DNA!

Note: Only biological men can take the PatriClan test. Women can trace their paternal lineage by having a male relative from their father’s side take the test.

Our result package is sent via email and includes:

  • Official results from the Y chromosome men inherit exclusively from their fathers (only men carry a Y chromosome)
  • Certificate of Ancestry with specific ancestral country and tribe 
  • E-book Guide to African History and Cultures
  • Access to our exclusive African Ancestry Online Community on Facebook

Click here to see who else in your family tree shares your paternal result.

* Your paternal ancestry may not be African, despite your father's skin color or whatever percentages you may have from another company. We cannot guarantee your result will be African. THERE IS A 35% CHANCE THAT YOUR RESULT WILL BE NON-AFRICAN. If your result is not African, we will identify whether it is European, Asian, Middle Eastern or Indigenous American but you will not receive a country or a group. NO REFUNDS for non-African results.



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