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With experts in Psychology, Economics, History, Science and the Arts, we explore how our identities are impacted by various historical, cultural and social frameworks, and how we can use this knowledge to build a stronger self and community.


Celebrate Your Blackness

From the people who have paved the way to the places that inspire us to the spaces that have become sacred, come with us on the journey.

Celia Cruz's African Roots
Celia Cruz's African Roots
Celia Cruz and Afro-Cuban Identity

This month we celebrate Afro-Cuban identity and culture by honoring Latin Music Legend Celia Cruz. PART I introduces us to Ms. Celia Cruz through her nieces Celia Cody and Linda Pritchett.

The Roots of Josh Gibson

Watch as Sean Gibson and Melva Brown learn more about Josh Gibson's African maternal ancestry. Josh was an American Negro league baseball catcher known by historians as one of the very best power hitters and catchers in the history of any league, including MLB.

The Descendants of Africatown

This powerful video highlights the importance of the Clotilda and Africatown in the Black experience worldwide.

The Roots of Jeremy Ellis

Watch as Jeremy Ellis 6th generation descendant of shipmates of the Clotilda learns his paternal ancestry.

Howard University

Howard alumni share how their identities were transformed by their HBCU experience.

Cape Coast, Ghana

Explore this place that serves as a symbol of our strength and resilience.

The Roots of Selah Marley

Watch as the daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley learns her maternal ancestry.

It's in your DNA.

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